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With expertise in agricultural, energy and automotive technology, we bring you products that with save you time an money!

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These mask clips will save your ears!  Lightweight flexible plastic holds the elastic from your mask away from your ears.  The comb works well for holding the mask and straps in place for women with a ponytail or braid.  It also works great with a baseball cap.  Watch the video to see how well it works! 

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Whether you are teaching automotive students, or creating how-to videos on YouTube, this mount will allow you show your audience what you are seeing on your scan tool.  Easily slip over the hand-grips and  holds a GoPro style camera in place (Go pro adapter is not included).  Made of lightweight, but rigid plastic, this mount is designed to fit Snap-On Solus Edge scan tools.  Current availability is limited, and colors may vary.  A mount costs $45 and includes the main mount frame and a removable slip on adapter that your camera can be attached to.  To purchase send us an email.

All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Agri-Energy Research is not affiliated with Snap-On or GoPro.



Save time and money!

Uses embedded chemical mixture algorithms to calculate how much coolant needs to be removed and replaced with antifreeze or water to achieve a 50% mixture of water and ethylene glycol antifreeze. Just enter the vehicles cooling system capacity and the reading you get for the freezing point of the coolant (using your hydrometer or refractometer). The app will calculate exactly how much coolant to remove from the system and whether to top it off with 100% antifreeze or water. Save money and time by getting it right the first time and not wasting expensive antifreeze. Designed for use with ethylene glycol antifreeze

Available for Android devices.

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Replace broken or hard to read original scale indicator with this easy to read and durable version.

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